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There was this boy I liked
we’d sit in his car parked under the night sky,
chairs reclined, listening to Fela.
He loved to chew raw onions,
it was the most disgusting thing in the world,
but my butt stayed glued to his seat.

We’d watch the rain rattle the roof of his car,
a matching rhythm to my beating heart,
I’d grin as widely as I could
to mask the terror in my gut,
that (I knew) he would become
my first heartbreak.

Olawunmi Shobola

Olawunmi Shobola is a Nigerian lawyer based in Toronto, Canada. She finds self-expression through poetry, short stories and drawing. She is currently working on a collection of literary works for publication. You can find her corner of the internet via Instagram @wunmeee

PJ2024 Longlist
1. Blood Ties
2. Born Again
3. Entreaty
4. Good Mothers Stay Home, Good Fathers Pay
5. Pain Is A Place
6. Postpartum Depression in Men
7. Prayers
8. Premonition
9. The Hood
10. What Came Out as a Poem

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